Packing Tips

Packing Tip 1; Prepare Early

Start preparing and organising for your move as soon as possible as packing your cartons can be a time consuming process. Just make sure to leave the necessities until last – a few plates, cutlery, glasses and some cleaning products.

Packing Tip 2; Sturdy Boxes are Best

After all your hard work packing, the last thing you need is to have cartons crushed in transit. Use proper furniture removal cartons wherever possible (Pride Removals does supply cartons). Supermarket boxes and cartons as well as plastic storage tubs often seem strong and sturdy but in transit are often cracked and weekended. Your local storage facility usually stocks furniture removal cartons – often they’ll offer second hand cartons at a discounted rate. Use packing tape when sealing your boxes as other tapes won’t adhere properly to your cartons.

Packing Tip 3; Label Everything

Label all boxes so we understand and know for loading and packing purposes

Packing Tip 4; Don’t Trust Newspapers

Newspapers may seem like a suitable packing material, but when unpacking you are going to have a mess on your hands. Newspapers leave rub marks all over your goods. For this reason we suggest butchers paper. (Can usually be brought from your local storage facility or craft shop)

Packing Tip 5; Box Everything

Smaller, loose items are easily lost or broken in transit. If an item can be boxed, then it probably should be

Packing Tip 6; Back Breakers

Fragile items such as crockery and glasses should be wrapped individually and packed upside-down in the cartons as they are less vulnerable to be crushed.

Plates should be wrapped in bundles of 5, with paper separating each plate and overhanging paper wrapped around the side. Then pack each bundle on its side in the carton. Cartons containing fragile items should also be lined on bottom, top and sides with crushed paper.

Packing Tip 8; Packing Your Bags

Clothes and Manchester are fine to pack in bags. Suitcases are large ‘striped’ bags are best. Plastic bags are play to use, but it is more likely that they will tear in transit.

Packing Tip 9; Bigger Bits

Larger items, such as couches, tables, chairs and other items that are too large to box will be wrapped in furniture removal pads by the removalist when they’re loading your job.

Packing Tip 10; Definite Don’ts…

Don’t pack important documents (airline tickets, passports, birth certificates, travel visa’s, property deeds, etc.), expensive or important jewellery and other such irreplaceable goods. They should best be carried with you.